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Is it hot in here?

Why temperature is so important when cooking and prepping your food

Chill Out

Always cool food before putting it in the fridge. Food should always be cooled in an ice bath to bring down the temperature to avoid temperature danger zones. Also, putting too many hot things in the fridge can reduce the overall temperature of the fridge and cause everything to be sitting in the temperature danger zone.

Avoid the Danger Zone

Never leave food out in the temperature danger zone (Between 40-140 F).

"The most important variable in cooking is the temperature of the food itself, not the temperature of the environment in which it’s being cooked." – Jeff Potter

Hot Yoga Anyone?

Warming a tortilla before wrapping it into a burrito will make it more pliable.

Let's Get Toasty

Slightly toasting corn tortillas on an oiled grill will give it more flavor and will make it softer.

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot

Make sure the pan is HOT before searing steak

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