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Where to Order Takeout and Delivery in LA Right Now

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All the best food you can order from your couch, whether you want tacos, fried chicken, or a luxurious Beef Wellington.

Santa Monica Interstellar, which reopened last fall with expanded breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, is one of Santa Monica’s most intriguing restaurant concepts. Owned by husband-and-wife team Chef Angie and Daniel Kim, who are both of Korean descent, the menu is strongly influenced by ingredients from Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries—like gochujang, ponzu, sambal, and nuoc mam—blended with American and Italian flavors. Popular dishes include the Korean Bulgogi Burger, which teams garlic-soy-sauce-marinated meat with mozzarella and aioli, as well as the Chicken & Waffle, which uses Japanese panko-fried chicken breast. Interstellar also enjoys an exclusive partnership with Ginza Nishikawa, the Japanese bakery behind LA’s cult-favorite artisanal milk bread, which is featured on the new lunch menu as part of several Japanese-style sandos.

How to order: Call the restaurant directly at 310-310-8820 to order takeout.

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