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New restaurants are mad crazy to be opening right now -- or are they?


New restaurants are mad crazy to be opening right now -- or are they?

A major hurdle was in re-figuring the menu and ensuring that items on offer would travel well. In an email to CNN Travel, Angie explains: "While we did plan to have some grab-and-go items like coffee, pastries and sandwiches, takeaway and delivery was not a big focus for us in our initial opening plan."

Interstellar's location, typically heavy with foot traffic, was also something with which the Kims had to contend.

To help combat a lack of expected foot traffic and walk-ins peckish for a bite or in need of a caffeine hit, Angie says they "reworked the menu to offer weekly specials and created items that would hold up during the delivery process.

They also came up with a few packages-slash-DIY kits that people could assemble themselves at home. For example, they have a DIY affogato kit that includes a pint of gelato, freshly ground or whole coffee beans and a coffee mug.

"More than a coffee shop, Interstellar in Santa Monica, California, worked on a menu that would translate well to take out before opening to the public."


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