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Five Excellent LA Restaurants That Opened in May, Somehow


Five Excellent LA Restaurants That Opened in May, Somehow

When looking back on 2020, it’s likely that the restaurants visited between January and March will be overshadowed by the ones wedidn’tvisit from April to … hopefully sooner than September. Because the resilient eateries that have opened (or stayed open) amid the pandemic have been memorable, like the Oaxacan street tacos I ate in an abandoned Venice Beach parking lot before venturing down to watch bioluminescent sea algae sparkle in the whitewash. I’ll also remember eating vegetable noodles in decadent pasta sauces, the truffle butter wafting up from the city’s best new BLT, and the time a man dressed as a vampire delivered my pizza with a party game for the house. 

"When you open the box containing Interstellar’s BLTA, the truffle mayo hits you quickly. It’s a big sandwich housed between two thick cuts of sourdough that glisten with a golden sheen of butter and keep the inch or so of bright green bibb lettuce, fresh tomato and crisp bacon in place. Their breakfast burrito is just the right size as well, and by the time it’s delivered, the cheese has permeated the eggs; they crisp the tortilla, too, which is a great touch. Wash it down with a latte, a true treat if you’re ready for an espresso drink."


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