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los Angeles is a free spirit with all the style sense to appreciate nature, boldness, and really good flavors. It also happens to be the land of happy brunchers—well, pre-COVID that is. Sure, we got a glimpse of life resuming back to normal this last June but that short-lived flurry of going to restaurants and dining-in has since been called off.

"So what’s a diner to do when they’re craving brunch and are tired of cooking at home?"

Somewhere in the far off galaxy of a parallel universe, the world doesn’t pause. Brunch with friends continues, outdoor activity is commonplace, and life consists of planetary awesomeness. Here in Santa Monica however, its Interstellar’s newest brunch that will take you somewhere otherworldly… just with gluttonous culinary staples in the place of a spaceship.  The LA beach side eatery aims to bring people together through globally inspired comfort cuisine.

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