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Santa Monica: Santa Monica Restaurant Owners Discuss Visions For Their New Concepts

As we previously noted, Santa Monica has defied expectations from the past year and seen a surprising boom for New Restaurants. Founders from five concepts with diverse culinary backgrounds shared visions for their businesses.


Chef Angie Kim and coffee-fueled husband Daniel debuted Interstellar in 2020 in a historic building above the beach with one goal in mind: “to start off people’s day with great food and great coffee.”

Interstellar refers to the space between stars. “For Daniel and I, these two stars represent the two cultures we grew up with and the space in between is where we reside,” Angie says. “Growing up with two cultures, Korean and American, I always felt like I had a need to choose between the two. Interstellar was created to promote cultural embrace through food and drink. L.A. is a melting pot of so many different cultures! We specifically chose Santa Monica not only for its beautiful location, but because many tourists, locals and all travelers visit here, and we wanted to provide a comforting space where anyone feels welcomed and can try our dishes that incorporate a hint of globally unlimited ingredients.”

“I hope to give people an experience of something familiar mixed with a little something new through our food and drink,” Angie says. That could mean a lobster roll with sambal butter poached shellfish and lime aioli or Moroccan harissa pappardelle with burrata and nuoc mam (fish sauce). Angie’s personal favorite dish is branzino ochazuke, a pan-seared fish and rice bowl seasoned with shiitake kombu dashi broth, soy sauce, and sesame oil that encapsulates Interstellar’s global approach, drawing on Italy, Japan, and Korean influences.

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