We’re excited to participate in the inaugural Regarding Her Food Festival Jan 21 - 30, 2021! We’re joining other female-founded restaurants in the city to connect, collaborate and uplift. This new non-profit foundation was founded to advance women in the restaurant industry by providing small business grants, mentorship and resources.


RE:Her is a charitable organization for women-owned restaurants in Los Angeles, created by women who own restaurants in Los Angeles, in response to how COVID-19 has impacted our businesses and our communities.

RE:Her is committed to advancing women in the restaurant industry and, long-term, aims to provide small business grants, mentorship and resources to women in our industry, throughout Los Angeles and beyond.⠀

Women-owned restaurants all over Los Angeles unite to offer unique collaborations with other female chefs, thematic menus, one-on-one conversations among female industry leaders, and much more. The food festival will launch on the anniversary of the groundbreaking Women’s March of 2017. Join us for 10 special days to illuminate, celebrate and uplift the sisterhood of restaurateurs in LA. To save her restaurants.⠀

Use the takeout button below to place your order for our limited edition Soowon Wang Galbi Chicken wings as apart of the RE:Her Festival! 

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Soowan Wang Galbi Chicken Wings

This recipe was inspired by a fun Korean movie I watched, called "Extreme Job."


They accidentally made a best selling chicken wing recipe while going undercover as a chicken shop.


It ended up being a popular item in Korea for a while and inspired us to test it out with our own Galbi marinade.


Angie Kim


My name is Angie Kim and I grew up in Seattle and moved to Los Angeles back in 2008. I always had great interest in cooking and just food in general ever since I was very young. My grandmother would always cook for me growing up, and I always remember the smile it brought to everyone's face and how it made me feel. She used fresh ingredients that she grew from her garden which gave me a lot of insight into how important it is to use fresh quality ingredients.

Many of my recipes came from childhood memories, previous work experience and also from my travels. I also learned about a lot of new ingredients through friends and family who grew up in different places all over the world. The food from Interstellar is not only Korean American, but is globally limitless. I hope to continue my adventure to find new parings with different ingredients to create something people will also enjoy.


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